Customised SNY Speed

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The SNY Soft Plus now has an even softer inner core with an ultra-low compression of 60. The extra-large core provides a perfect blend of distance performance and a straight ball flight. In addition, the new Soft NEI® shell allows for lower spin on shots off the tee, resulting in maximum speed.

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Performance Benefits

  • Good distance performance due to STPE mantel
  • Consistent ball flight
  • New dimple design for optimized aerodynamics
  • Improved feel due to NEI® cover
  • Softer core for more forgiveness
  • Long durability
  • New putting line for optimal ball alignment


  • Construction: 3-piece
  • Core: Extra-large energy inner core
  • Cover: STPE (Soft Thermoplastic Elastomer)
  • Dimple: 342
  • Compression: 80

Player Profile

The SNY Speed is an optimal all-round golf ball for players who like a high launch speed that guarantees more length. The new, softer inner core provides more forgiveness and an improved, softer feel at impact.

The new colours Tiffany Blue and Rosé provide an extraordinary design.


Sny Speed

The SNY Speed is a completely newly developed high-tech design golf ball with a soft elastic NEI® cover and an aerodynamic dual-radius multi-dimple design. The design provides more thrust and a higher initial speed off the tee. The NEI® Cover ensures a soft feel without reducing distance.

The new dimple design provides less drag and optimal aerodynamics.

With the new softer inner core you achieve a perfect combination of distance and ball control.

SNY Ball


  • SPIN

Sny ProX

  • 5-piece Urethane
  • Most longest
  • Medium
  • Maximum
  • Most longest

Sny Pro

  • 5-piece Urethane
  • Longest
  • Medium
  • Maximum
  • Longest
SNY Tour

Sny Tour

  • 3-piece Urethane
  • Longer
  • High
  • Maximum
  • Longer
SNY Speed

Sny Speed

  • 3-piece NEI®
  • Longer
  • Medium
  • Medium
  • Long
SNY Soft Plus

Sny Soft+

  • 2-piece Low Compr.
  • Long
  • Medium
  • Maximum
  • Longest

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