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Golf is not just a sport, it is a lifestyle.

There is no other sport in the world where your mind plays such a crucial role in determining success or failure. Hands down, haven’t you also already had the experience of firing your swing from tee one straight into the nearby lake because you had 15 impatient golfers standing behind you waiting to tee-up?

I certainly have had that experience.

Well, if 10 of those 15 waiting golfers address you after your swing, asking where you’ve bought this amazingly cool looking golf ball, your mind will be all set-up in order to fire your next drive straight onto the green.
So now, what is more important? The cool looking golf ball, the functionality of the ball, or your mind? Ideally, everything plays together smoothly. Snyder Golf is here to take two of those things from your shoulders.

Snyder Golf is neither a huge corporation, nor do we sponsor PGA champions or charge you $5.50 for a golf ball.

Snyder Golf is here for you. Yes, for you. We are here for golfers who want to play one of the top balls on the market in order to show their flight partners that the iron 7 will be more than sufficient for the last 170m and that there is no risk coming from the lakes lying around the green.

We are here for the golfers who, after finishing hole 18, have to explain to their flight partners that you may not be able to buy these cool Snyder golf balls at the next best golf shop.

However, they will be delivered right to your door.

Snyder Golf stands for innovation and perfection in manufacturing, the latest technology and functionality in conjunction with classic and simultaneously cool design. Simply Snyder Golf.

Since golf is not just a sport, but rather a lifestyle, our products offer you the best of all.

Innovation and design merge to excellence, they merge to Snyder Golf.

Innovation and design merge to excellence


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