Snyder Philosophy


Well, we’ve known for quite a while now that golfers are able to assess the functionality and quality of a golf ball from an objective perspective.

Yet, a huge number of golfers still uses golf balls with lower quality than the top golf balls available on the market. Considering a price level of about $5.00 per ball and attrition rates of sometimes 2-3 balls per game, this is more than reasonable.

Even used golf balls (e.g. lakeballs) can have a direct negative influence on your game. The game you indeed love so much.

For a constant game, you need balls which assure you a steady quality. The Snyder Golf balls will exactly deliver that to you. All of our balls will deliver top quality, comparable to the best-in-class products on the market (sometimes even better). However, with Snyder Golf you only spend around half the money than you would spend buying golf balls from long-established golf brands.

How is that even possible?

We focus on what is essential to the product. We work together closely with a “Dr. Golf” from Taiwan. An engineer and inventor with highly technical and chemical background who decided to dedicate himself to developing and manufacturing golf balls (since around 30 years now).

We think that expensive sponsoring contracts do not add value to our product. In fact, zero value. That is also why you will not find PGA champions with a Snyder Golf cap on our website.

Our Snyder Golf balls will then be delivered right to your door, without losing value from working with retail stores. Thus, we are able to offer you a high-class product in classic and cool designs for a fair price.

Innovation and design merge to excellence


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